Hard to Find Eligibility and Recruiting Resources for High School Counselors

This page has links to pages that help with contacting the NCAA, checking receipt of student-athlete documents, and providing helpful information to athletes and parents. We will continue to update the links as we find additional useful information. Recommendations for additional resources can be emailed to info@athleticscholarships.net

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NCAA Eligibility Center Resources

Login for the NCAA High School portal

Instructions for the NCAA High School portal

How to look up your students with the NCAA

NCAA Eligibility Center fee waivers for student athletes

NCAA guide for the college bound-student athlete (share with athletes and families)

Guide to registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center (share with athletes and families)

Where athletes can create their NCAA Eligibility Center account *note this page does not work on an iPhone, iPod or iPad

Informational graphic about the NCAA Eligibility Center (great for your office or athletic locker rooms)

How students are prioritized by the NCAA (helpful for explaining the process to anxious families)

Common NCAA core course questions

Calculating your students NCAA core course GPA (worksheet)

Checking your high schools list of approved NCAA core courses

New academic eligibility requirements for the class of 2016 and later

How the NCAA calculates a core course GPA

How the NCAA deals with Pass Fail grades

Checking Receipt of Transcripts with the NCAA

Sending multiple High School Transcripts to the NCAA

E-Transcripts are the fastest way of sending documents to the NCAA

Register for a new account with E-Transcripts here

Where to send transcripts to the NCAA

Checking the receipt of a student’s SAT or ACT test scores

If you need to send an official copy of your SAT after taking the test, go here

If you need to send an official copy of your ACT after taking the test, go here

NCAA official transcripts mailing address *you are not allowed to mail copies of the SAT or ACT

NCAA Eligibility Center

Certification Processing

P.O. Box 7136

Indianapolis, Indiana 46207-7136


Shipping/Overnight Address:

NCAA Eligibility Center

1802 Alonzo Watford Sr. Drive

Indianapolis, Indiana 46202


NCAA contact information for high school counselors

E-Mail: ec-highschool@ncaa.org

NCAA phone number for High School administrators – 877/622-2321

NCAA high school portal resources


NCAA phone number for parents and athletes – 877/262-1492


NAIA Eligibility Center Resources

Registering your school with the NAIA Eligibility Center

Sending official transcripts to the NAIA

NAIA FAQs for High Schools

NAIA resources to share with you students and parents

NAIA eligibility center fee waiver instructions

NAIA instructions for submitting SAT or ACT test scores

Sending Copies of your SAT to the NAIA – Use the University code 9876 when you are taking the test

If you have already taken the SAT go here

Sending Copies of your ACT to the NAIA – Use the University code 9876 when you are taking the test

If you have already taken the ACT go here

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