College Skiing Camps

College Skiing Camps Improve Your Chances of Getting a Skiing Scholarship

If you are an excellent skier who plans on going to college, why not attend a college skiing camp? You may earn a skiing scholarship, and at the very least, you’ll enjoy a few days on the slopes.

Summer skiing camps are a great way for college ski coaches to see you in action. So what are you waiting for? Strap on a pair of skis and head to skiing camp. is a pretty good place to start. Our skiing recruiting experts are standing by to give you the guidance you need. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left.

A skiing camp will help you refine your techniques. And as you improve your skills, your days on the hill will become more enjoyable.

What about that skiing scholarship?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that you have to show up to camp in top condition. This means you’ve been skiing a lot or playing a sport that uses many of the same muscles or movements: basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis.

An expert can help you reach your skiing potential. For starters, there are always new breakthroughs in equipment. A coach can advise you, for instance, what ski length may get you performing at top speed.

A coach may be able to assist in accelerating your race times in other ways. Perhaps you are not getting the most out of your dry-land training regimen, for instance.

What about the mental preparation involved in reaching top speeds while hurtling down a hill? Some need to conquer the fear of speed. Others may just need a gentle reminder not to forget the basics.

Whatever the case is, when you master the mechanics of great skiing, you will see the difference in your performance. And if that performance can help you get steep discounts—a scholarship—on your college education, then more power to you.
You may just be pleasantly surprised by what a tweak to your technique can do to help you ski smoothly and more powerfully. A confident skier with a positive mental outlook wins a lot of races.

An advanced-level college ski camp can teach you correct techniques for every condition and type of terrain. Do you know how to change your body positioning for gentle slopes, a hard-packed icy surface, or the steepest slopes in the world?

When you see yourself flying down the slopes, eyes ahead, hands forward, does the image include how to move through the middle of a turn while maintaining your speed? Do you have lateral and vertical balance?

Okay, so maybe it takes nerves of steel to be an elite skier flying down the slopes. But it also takes an understanding of course tactics, getting out to faster starts, and even teaching the body to translate the sensation of each movement into peak performance.

So whether you’re standing tall to pick up speed down the hill or tucking your upper body to stay below the wind, you can be sure to polish every technique at a college skiing camp.

The recruiting experts here at can guide you through every step of the process. All you have to do is click on the parent or athlete button on the left to get started.

Downhill skiing is an officially recognized NCAA sport.

Author: David Frank

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