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How do I get the contact information for a college coaches?

Most athletes and families don’t realize the contact information (phone and email) for almost every college coach is listed on their schools website. In addition, there are several different recruiting agencies that also have that information available for free.

Here are two options for finding the contact information for coaches.

On the school’s team website – Just like the other school and athletic department employees, coach’s email and phone numbers are listed in the staff directory on the athletic website. There are two places to look, first is under the coaches bio, which is usually available from the roster on the school website. If you can’t find the info there, look under the general information and the directory for the athletic department. For larger programs like major DI Football and Basketball the head coach probably isn’t listed, you will instead be emailing the assistant or position coaches or recruiting director.

Our free recruiting profile provides you with a searchable database that includes contact information for any coach in the country -When you are emailing 50 or more coaches, going to the schools website and tracking down the contact information for each coach can be very time consuming. Our profiles allow you to quickly search for schools and get direct access to the email and phone number for coaches. You can also see what coaches have viewed your profile and quickly email them back. There are tons of other features that make it an easier way to conduct your outreach to coaches.

Just because you found the email address for a coach and you are emailing them, doesn’t mean you will guaranteed to get a response. Here are a couple resources to help you in writing better emails and instruction for how and when to email coaches.

Here is a video showing where to find the contact information for coaches

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