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How do I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

If you want to compete for an NCAA athletic program, you will need to be cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

You can register at their website, There is a $65 fee for U.S. students and an $95 fee for international students.

The NCAA Eligibility Center is your key to be cleared to compete in college, so if you know you will be attending an NCAA Division I or 2 School, you must register. Division 3 schools do not require registration. High school students should register at the beginning of their Junior year only if you are receiving interest from NCAA D1 or D2 colleges.

When you register for the NCAA Eligibility Center, you will need to complete your athlete profile. Once you receive your NCAA identification number, you can access your profile on the NCAA Eligibility Center website whenever you need to update information or send information to them.

You will need all of your academic, athletic, and personal information in order to create your profile.
When a coach is interested in your NCAA profile, they will ask for your ID number so they can put you on the IRL, or Institutional Request List.

Once a coach does this, your profile is then sent to administrators to be checked and cleared for competition. You are not officially cleared to play until this happens, so it is important to stay organized and send all required information to the Eligibility Center.

You will need to keep on top of all communications and requirements so that you don’t forget something and aren’t allowed to play.

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