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Does my coach get me recruited?

Because each coach runs their program different, it is impossible to give general advice on how to best work with your coach. That said, we have been helping athletes with the recruiting process for over 10 years and have seen all sorts of good and bad coaches in that time. Below are some of the most popular questions or statements we get and I explain what you can do about it.

My coach said they will get me recruited

This is the most common thing we hear from an athlete. It usually comes from someone in their Junior or Senior year when they are behind in the recruiting process. Whether it was their high school or club team coach, they expected that coach to be reaching out to college and letting them know about them (the athlete). This almost never happens; very few coaches proactively call college coaches for recruits. Your coach simply does not have the time to effectively call, email and send video to college coaches for all of their athletes.

What can my coach do for me in the recruiting process?

Your coach will serve as your biggest reference with college coaches and can help you arrange times to call and visit colleges before your Junior and Senior years of high school. College coaches are not allowed to contact you directly until your Junior or Senior year. When you email and call coaches, leave them with your high school or club team coaches contact info so they can contact them (your coach) and arrange a time for you to call or visit. Once the recruiting process gets going, the college coaches will be in contact with your coach to check up on you, learn more about you as a person and an athlete and get updated game film from your coach.

I know someone whose coach got them recruited

I hear this often, and usually is someone mixing up a coach being involved in the recruiting process and the coach getting the initial interest from college coaches. Most recruits are looking to generate initial interest or begin the recruiting process. In that situation, your coach isn’t going to be much help; it is your job to reach out to college coaches that are the right fit for you. However, once you begin talking with college coaches and they are coming to watch you play, your coach is going to be very involved. So when you hear about someone whose coach is actively talking to colleges, and giving their recruits letters from coaches, this is usually because the athlete has already generated interest. You are responsible for getting the initial interest from college coaches.

My coach wants me to focus on this season and worry about recruiting later

In this situation, your coach is just wrong. Waiting to get recruited only means you are losing opportunities. My advice is to begin the recruiting process on your own, emailing and calling coaches at the schools that are the right fit for you. Do your best to determine what schools you qualify for athletically and academically and get to work. Our online profile are built specifically so you can take control of your recruiting process and not have to wait for opportunities to pass you by.

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