Sports Facts and History

The Roots and Origins of the Games we Play


Many people believe that David Barish was the first to paraglide back in 1963. There are also photos and a video of a group of skydivers who were flying off small hills in Montana in the early ’70s.


Racquetball is another sport that has not been around for a great length of time. It is a combination of several other sports, including tennis, handball, and the Spanish sport jai alai.


Rowing is a sport that can trace its origins back to almost 4,000 years ago, when the first rowing vessels made their first appearances as an alternative way of moving people and goods in a faster manner.


Sailing actually dates all the way back to prehistoric times and were used for things such as traveling, fishing and for recreational purposes.


Skiing has enjoyed worldwide popularity for many years and, in 1928, was finally made into an Olympic sport, when it was finally given the respect that it so well deserved as a sport.


In England during the reign of King Edward, between the years 1307–1327, there were laws passed that threatened imprisonment for anyone caught playing the game. Today, more than 240 million people across the world play the game.


Originally began on a Thanksgiving Day in 1887 in Chicago, when a group of about 20 young men who had gathered in the Chicago, IL, Farragut Boat Club accidently when one viewer threw a boxing glove at another spectator, and an idea was sparked.


First introduced in the 1800s in Britain, competitive swimming events were held in indoor pools in London.

Table Tennis

Table tennis began as just a “parlor” game that anyone could play if there was access to an open table. Its origins date back to the 1880s, when the game was adapted by tennis players for game play during the winter.


Called the “game of kings,” tennis is a game that traces its origins back to eleventh- or twelfth-century French monks. Today the game of tennis can boast of over a million players that play the game worldwide.

Track and Field

Track and field can trace its origins back to the back to the year 776 BC, when the first ancient Olympics games began.


Begun at the San Diego Track Club back in the 1970s, the triathlon is a sporting event that comprises three different events that include swimming, running, and bicycling.


Originally called “mintonette,” the game of volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan, and this invention took place just four years after the game of basketball had been created.

Water Polo

While little is known about the origins of this sport, we do know that it was started back in the waters and lakes of early nineteenth-century England. Played as an aquatic version of rugby football, water polo players used a vulcanized rubber ball imported from India known as a pulu.


Debuting as a sport for the first time back in 708 BC, the sport of wrestling was a much more brutal event back then and had much closer ties to the military. Greco-Roman wrestling first became popular in France and slowly made itself known in the Western world.

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