College Wrestling Camps

Find Which College Wrestling Camps Will Help You Get a Wrestling Scholarship

Wrestling summer camps offer the standout high school wrestler the opportunity to improve his skill level while showing the college coaches who can offer him a scholarship just what he can do. So if you attend a wrestling recruiting showcase, you get expert wrestling instruction and exposure in a camp venue that can help you fulfill your wrestling dreams.

A college wrestling camp can make a huge difference in your wrestling future. The only thing you have to do—besides attending the camp—is pick the right one.

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Your days at college wrestling camp will be filled with drills and live wrestling. Not only will you learn how to properly execute a variety of moves, but you will also learn why they work.

A summer wrestling camp can be vital to your wrestling success because you will be taught wrestling technique, and in wrestling, superior technique almost always trumps superior strength and quickness.

All areas of wrestling will be covered with particular attention paid to body positioning and applied leverage. If you can take an opponent to his back, you can be said to have neutralized his body position.

One of the unique things about college wrestling camp is the attention paid to after-match strategy. This is where a good coach can help you analyze and fix the physical and mental errors you made during the match.

Your wrestling camp coach will make it clear that before your match even begins, you must have developed an attacking mentality. If you are just a defensive wrestler who wrestles not to lose or get pinned, you won’t win many matches.

Superior wrestling begins and ends with maintaining a good, wide base. This makes it difficult for your opponent to break you down and get leverage.

As a high school wrestler, you may have developed one pet move that has worked repeatedly. If you’re good enough, you can get away with being one-dimensional at that level.

However, to be an intercollegiate scholarship wrestler, you will need to develop a series of moves because your opponents will often be able to stop your best stuff. That’s why it’s good to learn all moves, fakes, and even double moves.

Your college wrestling camp coach can give you the tools to improve your wrestling. He can teach you how to remain calm and methodical while under pressure in an intense and critical match. He can even show you how to wrestle aggressively while conserving energy or how to stay confident during tough matches.

But there are two things you will have to take control of yourself: nutrition and staying in shape. It is important that you wrestle year-round to keep your body fit. In addition, you must learn that if you have to cut weight, you must do it in a healthy way that meets your body’s nutritional needs.

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Author: David Frank