College Wrestling Camps

Find Which College Wrestling Camps Will Help You Get a Wrestling Scholarship

A college wrestling camp can make a huge difference in your wrestling future. The only thing you have to do—besides attending the camp—is pick the right one.

College wrestling camps offer standout high school wrestlers the opportunity to improve their skill level while showing college coaches what they can do. If you’re looking for a wrestling scholarship, attending summer wrestling camps could be your ticket in to your dream college. So, what are you waiting for? Get expert wrestling instruction and get exposure in a camp venue near you by using our free college wrestling camps list.

Find Wrestling Camps Near Me

Check out NCSA’s list of upcoming college wrestling camps for high school students, wrestling exposure camps, and college elite wrestling camps to find one in a state near you. NCSA has compiled a list of all college camps (by sport) to attend this summer. Save hours of time researching camps by using the lists which include the date, type, cost and location of each sports camp. Visit NCSA’s site to find hundreds of men’s wrestling camps or women’s wrestling camps near you today.

What are the Best Wrestling Camps?

So, what are some of the best wrestling camps for high school student-athletes? Here are some college wrestling camps we recommend you check out:

  • USA WrestlingUSA Wrestling offers a variety of camps for wrestlers of all style and skill level.
  • J Robinson Wrestling Camp – JROB has been coaching young athletes in wrestling since 1978 and is recognized as one of the top Intensive Wrestling Camps in the country.
  • Ken Chertow Wrestling CampKen Chertow wrestling camps are offered across the country. Ken Chertow participated in the 1988 Summer Olympics.

How to Choose a Wrestling Camp

Before choosing which college wrestling camps to attend, it’s important to understand the variety of wrestling camps that are available. There are two main types of wrestling camps:

  • Technique Camps – These camps focus on the fundamentals of wrestling including basic skills, learning, and techniques. Attendees work on improving specific techniques to reach a higher skill level. Technique camps are for wrestling beginners.
  • Intensive Wrestling Camps – Intensive wrestling camps involve more demanding training aimed at higher levels of competition. Part of this is making sure you are mentally, as well as physically, prepared for competition. These camps are catered to more advanced wrestlers.

Your goal should be to choose the camp that best aligns with your current skill level and the type of instruction you need. Once you have determined those two things, you can pick the wrestling camp that is right for you.

What to Expect at Wrestling Camps

Your days at a college wrestling camp will be filled with drills and wrestling matches. Not only will you learn how to properly execute a variety of moves, but you will also learn why they work.

Summer wrestling camps can be vital to your wrestling success because you will be taught wrestling technique, and in wrestling, superior technique almost always trumps superior strength and quickness.

All areas of wrestling will be covered with particular attention paid to body positioning and applied leverage. If you can take an opponent to his back, you can be said to have neutralized his body position.

One of the unique things about college wrestling camps is the attention paid to after-match strategy. This is where a good coach can help you analyze and fix the physical and mental errors you made during the match.

Your college wrestling camp coach can give you the tools to improve your wrestling. He can teach you how to remain calm and methodical while under pressure in an intense and critical match. He can even show you how to wrestle aggressively while conserving energy or how to stay confident during tough matches.

But there are two things you will have to take control of yourself: nutrition and staying in shape. It is important that you wrestle year-round to keep your body fit. In addition, you must learn that if you have to cut weight, you must do it in a healthy way that meets your body’s nutritional needs.

How to Get Noticed and Get a Wrestling Scholarship

Our wrestling recruiting experts can guide you through the process step-by-step. Start by setting up a free recruiting profile today.

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