College Soccer Camps

Improve Your Chances of Landing a College Soccer Scholarship by Finding a College Soccer Summer Camp

If you are serious about playing college soccer then a soccer recruiting summer camp might be a good fit for you. The college coaches who can offer you a scholarship use these camps to evaluate prospective players.

When you attend a college soccer camp your game will grow by leaps and bounds. So if you’re not ready for a scholarship offer at the beginning of the camp you just may be at the end. is here to help student-athletes take the steps that may earn them that scholarship. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left to get started.

A typical day at soccer camp will begin with a stretching routine followed by training drills that emphasize proper technique. These are the conceptual building blocks of soccer: dribbling, shooting, passing, heading, goaltending.

Most college coaches will then break the players into groups based on what position they play. Forwards may work on shooting, midfielders on passing, defenders on stealing the ball and goalies on specific skill sets that help protect the net.

The next phase is likely the study and practice of tactics and strategies the team would like to employ. For example, will the team play ball control, an all-out attacking style of soccer or be patient and wait for the counter attack? Obviously, most teams will use each strategy at different points in the match, but one style is usually preeminent. This becomes a team’s signature style of play.

Can you put what you’ve learned into action? This will be the next test at college soccer camp. Small-sided games—generally six-on-six—are the order of the day. Some coaches prefer the four-on-two format. In any case, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talents.

The second half of practice is for developing your speed. And, as soccer is a sport where you don’t ever stop moving, some attention must be paid to building endurance.

The day’s session will end with something fun, perhaps a shooting-from-distance contest between campers.
With soccer, the most popular sport in the world, there is always more to learn, more to practice. How do you create goal-scoring opportunities for your teammates, in what situation do you use the blind pass, what is the best way to receive the ball when under pressure?

You have to be tough-minded to play soccer. After all, you can outplay the other side the entire match and still lose 1-0 on a late goal.

Developing mental and physical toughness are an important part of the sport. This is just one more skill set you will be able to add to your soccer repertoire. The ability to overcome in-game adversity cannot be overrated.

Your college soccer camp coach can teach you the most recent training methods in state-of-the-art facilities. And just how vital a positive team atmosphere is to soccer success. can guide you toward that college soccer scholarship. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left to get started.

Author: David Frank