Ice Hockey Camps

Improve Your Chances of Landing a Ice Hockey Scholarship by Attending a College Ice Hockey Summer Camp

Ice hockey recruiting camps are a great way to show what you can do on the ice. College coaches will evaluate your skills and may offer you a scholarship before you go home.

Summer ice hockey camps not only offer an opportunity to be seen. When you leave, you will be a more explosive and well-rounded hockey player. has the experience and contacts to help you achieve your hockey dreams. To get started, you can simply click the athlete or parent button at the left of this page.

And who knows? With all the current and ex-professional players who love to stay involved with the game, Wayne Gretzky might just show up at your college hockey camp to run a passing clinic.

The skills you learn at hockey camp will give you a competitive edge. Most hockey camps will cover everything, from the progressively gaining lines to when is the appropriate time to body check.

A typical day at college hockey camp will generally start with drills that help develop flexibility. Then it’s on to skill drills.

In today’s fast-paced hockey world, many of the warm-up exercises are necessary to help prevent injuries. As the players continue to get bigger and stronger, the game has evolved to accommodate those big bodies.

While your camp may not take the time to explore the intricacies of the neutral zone trap, you can rest assured that developing individual skills in conjunction with team skills will take up most of your ice time.

Hockey is an intense physical activity, and many of your elite college hockey camps will schedule time for low-impact endeavors like swimming, movies, and bowling.

Then it is back to stick-handling techniques and cultivating the dump and chase strategy. Ultimately, you will spend some time going to the classroom to study hockey on a deeper level.

What might you learn there? There will be tactical sessions, instruction on how to prepare for a game, and tips on how to communicate with your teammates.

One of the vital skills that can be developed at a camp when you are surrounded by excellent players is controlling the ice, and then capitalizing on scoring chances. Your coaches know that, if you control the puck and are opportunistic, good things will happen.

But how do you get there? You learn to skate with speed and power, and then you master other parts of the game: the deflection, one-timers, back-checking strategies.

A great college hockey coach will help you maximize your physical potential. He will simplify the complexities of the game, and if you can master his system during your relatively short hockey camp stay, he may return the favor with a college hockey scholarship offer.

So if you’re on the fence about attending a college hockey camp, ask yourself this question: Am I serious about playing college hockey? If the answer is “yes,” then let’s get started. is here to help with simple step-by-step instructions that lead you to a hockey scholarship. Just click on the athlete or parent button on the left to get started.

Author: David Frank