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College Gymnastics Summer Camps Improve Your Chances of Getting a Gymnastics Scholarship

A college gymnastics camp can give the prospective scholarship gymnast a chance to meet college coaches in a noncompetitive environment. Many of the summer gymnastics camps mix in recreational activities galore to help teach the young athletes to integrate this demanding sport into a balanced lifestyle.

But make no mistake: a college gymnastics recruiting showcase will be competitive, intense, and maybe even inspirational, but it will also be fun.

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Find Gymnastics Camps Near Me

NCSA has compiled a list of all college camps (by sport) to attend this summer. Save hours of time researching camps by using the lists which include the date, type, cost and location of each sports camp. Visit NCSA’s site to find hundreds of college gymnastics camps near you today.

More About College Gymnastics Camps

Earlier, we mentioned that college gymnastics camps can be inspirational. There can be a variety of reasons for this, of course, but we were making reference to the fact that many of the coaches at these camps will be former Olympians whose athletic careers we followed together on our televisions.

In addition, there is a good chance to work one-on-one with these former champions. The ratio of coaches to gymnasts is purposely kept low.

Gymnastics is a sport of strength, flexibility, agility, grace and balance. Therefore, many camp rotations will be built around the foundational skills that improve your functional strength.

More recently, top coaches have felt the need to emphasize safe progressions. In other words, you must master one skill set before moving on to others that have a higher level of difficulty and increased safety risk.

You will be introduced to a competitive training schedule—one that teaches the importance of nutrition, mental imagery, and dealing with pressure. Although you may have what it takes to be a champion, you will have to learn what it takes to be a champion. There are often-overlooked areas of top-level competitive gymnastics, and one of them is the ability to peak at the right time.

Resistance training is now part of serious competitive gymnastics. You will learn what it is to push your body past the point of what you previously thought was the limit of your endurance.

There will be a need to brush up on the foundational positions and movements. However, added to that will be the components of a floor routine and how to transition those foundational movements into linked sequences and even choreographed routines.

Hence, gymnastics has come a long way—from a sport that started as a way for circus performers to hone their skills to where we are today, a national obsession repeated every four years during the Summer Olympics, and all those budding scholarship gymnasts who never stop working in the interim.

As someone who wants to compete in intercollegiate gymnastics, you should remain mindful, if you are participating in other sports, that some college coaches will admire your work ethic knowing you are using your gymnastics-acquired skills in other pursuits. Others will want you to have a singular focus.

Wherever you choose to take your gymnastic abilities, you can be sure that the skills you will learn at a college gymnastics camp will serve you well. The positive thinking, focus, and concentration are easily applied to other areas of your life.

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