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Attend a College Golf Summer Camp to Improve Your Chances of Being Awarded a Golf Scholarship

Golf recruiting showcases offer the high school golfer an opportunity to get noticed by college golf coaches. And while this golf camp exposure alone won’t net you a scholarship offer, a 75 stroke average could help your cause.

Summer golf camps held on college campuses also allow you to check out the local courses and learn about the university, all while you improve your game. Generous financial aid packages can be made available for a top golfer with excellent grades.

The golf recruiting experts at will help you get noticed by college golf coaches. All you have to do is click the athlete or parent button on the left of the page.

Golf is a sport where you are playing against the course and not reacting to something your opponent does. So unlike other sports where a coach may be able to assess your talents based on what he sees in front of him, a college golf coach will generally want to see your tournament results.

There are many ways to improve your golf game, and this will be part of the program at any top golf camp. But a face-to-face meeting with a college golf coach allows him to evaluate how you respond to adversity under pressure and if you can stay calm and confident before, during, and after an important shot.

The number one reason college golf coaches reject potential players from joining their programs is bad grades. Keep that in mind and work hard in the classroom.

Another tip: Golf coaches love high school golfers who compete in other sports. It shows you are an athlete and a competitor.

When a coach meets you in person at a camp, that can be a huge advantage for you. Perhaps you don’t have top scores and haven’t played a lot of tournaments, but you show steady improvement and are quite coachable. For some coaches, that will be enough.

Most college golf coaches don’t have the budget to travel all over the country recruiting players. This means you can be easily noticed by your local college coach if you are a top high school player. It also means you will have to be proactive if you want to golf at a college outside your immediate area.

A good college golf coach can help you in your mental preparation before you ever approach the first tee. Psychological tips can go a long way in clearing the interference that leads to poor shots.

So whether you need to improve your strength, power, and range of motion or you need to work on distance control or shot trajectory, a college golf camp is a great place to work it out.

You will improve your consistency and performance and learn how to respond to the results of any golf shot. A golf camp will help you read greens, maintain concentration, and step up your game against good competition.

What are you waiting for? You know what to do now, and is here to help. Just click on the parent or athlete button on the left, and let’s get started.

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Author: David Frank