College Golf Camps

Attend Golf Summer Camps to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Golf Scholarship

College golf camps offer high school students an opportunity to get noticed by college golf coaches. Golf summer camps held on college campuses allow you to check out the local courses and learn about the university, all while you improve your game. Generous scholarships or financial aid packages can be made available for a top golfer with excellent grades.

Whether you need to improve your strength, power, and range of motion or you need to work on distance control or shot trajectory, college golf camps are a great way to work it out. You will improve your consistency and performance and learn how to respond to the results of any golf shot. A college golf camp will help you read greens, maintain concentration, and step up your game against good competition.

Find Summer Golf Camps Near Me

Check out NCSA’s list of upcoming college golf camps for high school students, golf exposure camps, and college elite golf camps to find one in a state near you. NCSA has compiled a list of all college camps (by sport) to attend this summer. Save hours of time researching camps by using the lists which include the date, type, cost and location of each sports camp. Visit NCSA’s site to find hundreds of men’s golf camps or women’s golf camps near you today.


Top Golf Camps

There are many ways to improve your golf game, and this will be part of the program at any top golf camp. But a face-to-face meeting with a college golf coach allows him to evaluate how you respond to adversity under pressure and if you can stay calm and confident before, during, and after an important shot. There are quite a few golf camps for high school students. Here are some of the top golf camps we recommend:

  • PGA Junior Golf CampsPGA junior golf camps are for all ages and are taught by PGA of America Professionals. They emphasize fun and principled skill development.
  • College Golf Camps College golf camps allows college coaches to instruct, evaluate, clinician and interact with Junior Golfers from all over the world to learn, compete, showcase, interact and gain exposure to college golf.
  • Nike Junior Golf CampsNike junior golf camps and their camp directors offer recruitment advice for the young golfer beginning their college golf journey.
  • IMG AcademyIMG Academy junior golf camps give athletes the opportunity to build core strength, improve their game on the course, and hone performance-specific skills.

What are Junior Golf camps?

Junior golf camps are for golfing beginners. These camps are provided as an opportunity for kids to develop their golf skills and have fun competing with others.

Tips for Getting Noticed at a College Golf Camp

  • Golf coaches love high school golfers who compete in other sports. It shows you are an athlete and a competitor.
  • When a coach meets you in person at a camp, that can be a huge advantage for you. Perhaps you don’t have top scores and haven’t played a lot of tournaments, but you show steady improvement and are quite coachable. For some coaches, that will be enough.
  • Most college golf coaches don’t have the budget to travel all over the country recruiting players. This means you can be easily noticed by your local college coach if you are a top high school player. It also means you will have to be proactive if you want to golf at a college outside your immediate area.

Get Noticed, Get Recruited, and Get a Scholarship

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