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Get Noticed by a College Coach: Attend a Bowling Summer Camp

In order to receive a college bowling scholarship, it is extremely important that college coaches and college recruiters have an opportunity to evaluate your talent. This is why attending a college bowling camp to show your stuff is so vitally important.

College bowling recruiting camps will enable you to hobnob with the coaches who hold the key to that valuable bowling scholarship. A summer bowling camp could make all the difference in turning your bowling skills into a free—or at least steeply discounted—college education.

Bowling camps are a great way to showcase your talents and be seen by the people who matter the most—college bowling coaches.

How do you get there? is a great place to start. At, we have bowling scholarship experts who can assist you in gaining that free ride to intercollegiate bowling competition. Just click on one of the Parent or Athlete Recruiting buttons to get started.

And oh yeah, virtually, all of the scholarship bowlers will be women. That’s right, boys, you have to play for the love of the game because Title IX dictates that only women’s bowling can be a scholarship sport.

So while this may make prospective female bowling scholarship recipients dance in the aisles, men should not be discouraged and give up on their college bowling dream. There are still walk-on opportunities.

This brings us back to the college bowling camp and the premium placed on a college bowling scholarship.

What might the talented high school bowler in search of the elusive bowling scholarship learn at a college bowling camp that might take his or her game up a notch?

First, there is the warm-up. Even bowlers need to get their stretch on before attacking the lanes because—let’s face it—walking around with a weighted ball is exercise.

Equipment is important as well. A college coach with a lifetime of bowling experience could quite possibly advise you on a different glove, shoe, or even an adjustment in the ball you’re rolling along the surface. Any of these changes could result in a skyrocketing point total that leads to a bowling scholarship offer.

How about your grip? What if an expert coach could make a slight adjustment that put your average where it needs to be to win that college bowling scholarship? In addition, you cannot underestimate a savvy coaches ideas when it comes to mental preparation and how to deal with pressure.

Bottom line:If you want to be the best bowler you can be (maybe even a college scholarship bowler), then a great college bowling coach can help you get there. That coach can help you achieve consistently higher scores.

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