Bradley University Athletic Scholarships

Bradley University founded in 1897 and is located in Peoria, Illinois. It is a private mid-sized institution with a student body of approximately 5,700 students. The university offers undergraduate and graduate programs as well as continuing education programs. Academic areas of study include the liberal and fine arts, business administration, education, the sciences, communications, technology and health sciences, and engineering. Bradley University also has the School of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Bradley University has a rich student culture with over 200 student clubs and organizations. 30% of students are involved in a fraternity or sorority.

Athletics Department at Bradley University

The athletics department offers varsity, intramural and club sports, and the appropriate services to create an environment that helps each student-athlete grow in mind and body. Student-athletes receive substantial support through the athletics department, such as training programs, sports medicine to prevent and treat injuries, as well as counseling services.

Athletic facilities at Bradley University are among the best, comprising of indoor and outdoor complexes, playing fields and arenas. The facilities at Bradley University include the Renaissance Coliseum, Dozer Park, Carver Arena, Detweiller Park, the Newman Golf Course, the Shea Stadium, the Laura Bradley Park and the David Marken Tennis Courts.

Athletic Programs at Bradley University

Varsity sports offered at Bradley University include men’s basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, cross country and outdoor track, as well as women’s basketball, golf, softball, cross country, track and field, and volleyball. Over 200 student-athletes participate on these varsity teams. In addition to varsity teams, intramural sports are a good option for those who want less commitment and competition. Intramural sports are either played on a team or individually, and are divided into skill levels A, B, and C, ranging from competitive to recreational. A total of 26 club sports as well as sports and fitness classes in fencing, table tennis, personal training and group fitness are also offered through the athletic department.

Official Sports Team: Braves

The Braves are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and compete in the Missouri Valley Conference. The Bradley Braves is well-known for its success in intercollegiate basketball. The team has played in eight NCAA tournaments, two of which were national championship games. The men’s soccer team won the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament Championship in 2007. The Bradley Braves have produced a number of individuals who have continued playing their sports professionally after their involvement with the Braves. These include players in baseball, football, and basketball, with some of the most successful signing NBA contracts.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bradley University

Academic merit scholarships are available for students who demonstrate excellence in their studies. Cumulative GPA and ACT or SAT scores largely determine eligibility for these scholarships, although other factors such as community involvement and extracurricular activities may also be considered. The most prestigious scholarship, the Presidential Scholarship, is valued at $48,000 and is paid over the course of 4 years. The Dean’s Scholarship of $36,000, the University Scholarship of $24,000, and the Achievement Scholarship of $12,000 are also among the prestigious scholarships at Brandeis. For students who have a parent or grandparent who is a Bradley graduate, the Legacy Scholarship of $1,500 is also available.

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