About Allan Hancock College

Located in Santa Maria in northern Santa Barbara County, Allan Hancock is a prestigious community college ranked as one of the top 5 community colleges in California. The main campus lies in a 105 acre of abundant greenery that enhances learning activities. The university offers bachelor’s degrees and associate degrees in more than 100 areas of study. These degrees, whether they are four-year or two-year program, would benefit the student according to the needs and capacities. Over 98 percent of the students are from the local area validating its community status.

Athletics Department of Allan Hancock College

Allan Hancock College has a combined athletics/health/physical education department, the function of which is to develop, coordinate and implement all the programs related to the three categories mentioned. The five main functions of the department are: athletic training, health education, intercollegiate athletics, physical education, and recreation. The department is also responsible for the sports activities of the intercollegiate sports teams, including student-athlete eligibilities. The student is encouraged to have an effective fitness regimen and the department support this by providing aerobic exercise and weight training class in a carefully laid lab setting. The swim lab program on the other hand is a recreational and effective way to increase cardiovascular strength and a useful muscle toner suggested by the department.

Athletic Programs of Allan Hancock College

The athletic programs of Allan Hancock College consist of basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer, track & field for men and basketball, cross country, soccer, softball, swimming, track & field, and volleyball for women. The teams compete in the Western State Conference, and the California Community College Athletic Association. The preparation of the athletes prior to competition is intensive; aided by a capable athletics/health/physical education department. Student-athletes eligibility is always monitored by the department because the school believes that academic priority is above that of athletic. Excelling in the classroom and in sports arena are the goals set by AHC.

Official Sports Team: Allan Hancock College Bulldogs

Hancock Bulldogs embodies the ideal student-athlete by achieving top grades while representing the college in tough intercollegiate tournaments. Enjoying a winning tradition in the sports they participate in has created loyal fans that continue to grow and appreciate their performances in exciting games. Recent success of the Bulldogs in women basketball includes a historic win over Orange Coast giving them the ticket to the finals.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Allan Hancock College

Students with academic merits are awarded with scholarships at Allan Hancock College and financial aid is available to the majority of students since statistics show that seven out of ten full-time college students receive financial aid. Spearheaded by the Allan Hancock Foundation, students requiring workforce training, transfer support to a four-year university or college, or perhaps personal enrichment, is assisted generously. The foundation aims at advancing education through fund-raising, and soliciting community support, to meet scholarship needs and program backing. For the need-based student there are loan facilities and employment programs that will help finance their education.

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