About Alderson Broaddus University

For almost one and a half centuries, liberal arts learning institution Alderson Broddus University have spearheaded a diverse and comprehensive educational program that equips the student with theory and practical learning and experience to prepare them for a successful career and purposeful life. Degrees are geared towards health related and professional education concentrations. With a Baptist background, Alderson students are able to learn and grow in a faith-based environment where community service awareness is emphasized early on in their lives. The college is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches, U.S.A., and the West Virginia Baptist Convention and is located in Philippi, West Virginia, overlooking the scenic Tygart River Valley.

Athletics Department of Alderson Broaddus University

At Alderson Broaddus University it is not necessary to be an athlete in order to participate and obtain the benefits of sports activities. Non-athletes can avail of the Athletics Department’s support for intramural sports and fitness programs, allowing them a less time demanding option that would otherwise conflict with their academics. The department even holds yearly sports camps and clinics to spread awareness in the recreational and health benefits of sports in the students’ lives. Coaches and athletes share their time, knowledge and experience, and effort by the participants including beginners. Student-athletes on the other hand, join the intercollegiate sports team to represent the university. This serves as a venue for them to achieve their athletic and academic goals.

Athletic Programs of Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus renders full support to its sports teams which includes Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, and Wresting in the men’s category. In women’s sport, they have teams in Acrobatic & Tumbling, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field and Volleyball. The basketball team appears in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division II, in the WVIAC and Great Midwest Athletic Conference (G-MAC). G-MAC is where most of the teams actively compete each year.

Official Sports Team: Alderson Broaddus University Battlers

Fans and supporters of Alderson Broaddus University Battlers watch their favorite sports team, Alderson Broaddus Battlers; play live in the sports arena. And with today’s modern technology, the games can also be watched by students on live feed or they can follow game results in various social media platforms instantly. Despite multi-tasking in sports and academics, student-athletes do well in both. To make a case of the basketball team which competed in no less than three kinds of intercollegiate events, has won the WVIAC regular season championships 9 times and the tournament championship 10 times in various years.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Alderson Broaddus University

The Alderson Broaddus University maintains a firm commitment to assist their students in the fulfillment of their academic aspirations through scholarship, grants, and financial aid. Students can find many options to reach their goal, including employment opportunities in the school or outside coordinated by the school with local businesses. The National Merit Finalist, Trustee Scholarship, and Presidential Scholarship are some of the many merit based scholarships available. Need-based scholarships include A-B Endowed Scholarship, E.J. Willis Residential Scholarship, among others, Donors of se scholarships, which come from private and public sector determine the selection criteria,

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