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Auburn Squeezes in Elite Camp After Pearl’s Show-Cause Ends

Brandon Marcello of has a report on an elite camp that Auburn men’s basketball will host on August 24. That day had to be fit between two important deadlines. As Marcello notes, August 24 is the day that Bruce Pearl’s show-cause order expires and he may once again have contact with recruits. But by that time, Auburn had fewer options for scheduling a camp since time was running out under NCAA Bylaw

An institution’s basketball camp or clinic shall be conducted only during the months of June, July and August, or any calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) that includes days of those months (e.g., May 28-June 3).

This year basketball programs have the maximum amount of extension at the end of the camp period because August 31 falls on a Sunday. So camps could occur through Saturday, September 6. But unlike sports other than basketball and football, men’s basketball programs may not hold camps or clinics year-round if they include prospects (7th grade and up in men’s basketball).

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