About Aquinas College – Grand Rapids

An inclusive educational community with Catholic Dominican inspired values, Aquinas College – Grand Rapids offers a liberal arts oriented educational program accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association that combines academic theories and practical applications to prepare its students in seeking a professional career and a productive community involvement in the future’ Located on the eastern edge of Grand Rapids, the campus has a peaceful learning environment with greeneries, woodland paths and calm creeks and ponds complimenting the modern school buildings. With a diverse mix of students attracted from different locations to the undergraduate and graduate programs of Aquinas, including signature programs in Sustainable Business and Conductive Education, respect to one another is prevalent and exemplified in the campus.

Athletics Department of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids

The athletics department of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids assigns itself the task of encouraging awareness and involvement of the school, including the students, faculty and staff, with the importance of physical fitness through its athletic programs. Any student, athlete or not should have the venue and means to perform athletic and physical activities intended for competition or as a recreation. The athletics department has an athletic sports program that concentrates on intercollegiate competition and also supports intramural sports program where participants enjoy the fun and friendships associated with recreational sports activities like flag football, coed soccer, coed volleyball and basketball and many more.

Athletic Programs of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids

The varsity sports program of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids includes men’s sports such as baseball, basketball, bowling, golf, hockey, lacrosse, track and field, soccer, and tennis while the women’s sports consist of basketball, bowling, cross country, lacrosse, golf, track and field, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball, and softball. The Aquinas Saints compete in The Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference, GVSU Holiday Open, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and others. To keep well-balanced and competitive teams the programs include recruitment of new rosters to the teams, which is largely the responsibility of head coaches who strategize and plan the teams’ build-up with the approval of the director.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Aquinas College – Grand Rapids Saints

The college experience is never complete without partisan participation in the school’s sports campaign in intercollegiate events where the official sports team, the Saints in the case of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids, competes in. Wild cheers from the sidelines, boos and jeers to opposing teams, and ecstatic celebrations of victories are memorable moments only college games can produce. Athletes respond to the contagious enthusiasm by delivering peak performances, which are highly appreciated regardless if the result is a victory or a highly contested game. The Saints has produced top finishes and first team members in the tough National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics sports events.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Aquinas College – Grand Rapids

The deep Catholic traditions and values of Aquinas College – Grand Rapids is evident in its commitment to assist students obtain educational degrees whatever their circumstances are. Loosely grouped as academic scholarships, leadership scholarships, service scholarships, alumni scholarships, and scholarship competition, these facilities, together with grants and loan arrangements, are aids offered as opportunities for students to finish college. Student-athletes can avail of athletics scholarships allowing them to fulfill their athletic and academic aspirations. The athletic department awards these scholarships every year to student-athletes who show excellence in their intercollegiate sports programs. The athletic director stamps the approval with the recommendations of the coaches and these scholarships are renewable based on the consistency of the athletes.

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