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Missouri Releases 2013 Secondary Violations

Blake Toppmeyer of the Columbia Tribune on the NCAA violations Missouri reported in 2013:

Of the 37 violations, 24 were violations to NCAA recruiting bylaws. Names of coaches, athletes or prospective student-athletes were not included in the released documents.

There were four reported Level I violations, which the NCAA considers the most egregious.

This could cause some confusion because of the changeover to the new enforcement structure. Starting in August 2013, NCAA violations were classified into one of four categories:

  • Level I: Severe Breach of Conduct
  • Level II: Significant Breach of Conduct
  • Level III: Breach of Conduct
  • Level IV: Incidental Infraction

Prior to the new enforcement structure, most people classified violations as major or secondary. But within secondary violations, there were two categories. Level II secondary violations were normally reported to an institution’s conference, not the NCAA, and had prescribed penalties. If a student-athlete’s eligibility was affected, it would normally be reinstated based on the payment of restitution, with no suspension or withholding. Level I secondary violations were more serious, were reported to the NCAA, and would require a reinstatement case be filed with the NCAA if a student-athlete’s eligibility was involved.

These were the violations that were reported as Level I to the NCAA by Missouri:

  • Baseball staff supervised and monitored a facility while it was being used by prospects over four summers.
  • The women’s track and field staff sent text messages to prospects.
  • A football coach responded to a prospect’s text message.
  • A student-athlete used his photo in promotion materials, resulting in an impermissible benefit of $116.

None of those would seem to rise to the level of a severe breach of conduct. The baseball violation went on long enough that it might be considered a major or Level II violation, but even then it would be on the very low end of that range. So all of these must be old Level I secondary violations, which would now be classified as Level III violations.

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