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Ball State Reports Six Secondary Violations

Ben Breiner of the Lafayette Journal and Courier on secondary violations reported by Ball State:

Athletic director Bill Scholl said he felt the total of six was a run-of-the mill number, and he would have been surprised to see it any lower. He said a number of those smaller violations are simply a given with the depth and complexity of the NCAA rulebook.

“In every reporting period there will be one, two, three, a handful of secondary violations,” Scholl said. “The bottom line is every school has the inevitable secondary violation. If we didn’t have any to report, I’d actually be concerned that we’re not monitoring ourselves well enough.”

The violations covered various areas of the rule book including: exceeding maximum practice hours, text messaging recruits, premium or restricted seating for prospects, and a small extra benefit violation. One detail missing from the story is what the reporting period is. Six violations over a year might be considered on the low side for an FBS school while six in a quarter would put Ball State on pace with many BCS conference schools.

All of the violations were reported to the Mid-American Conference office, which would make them Level II secondary violations (Level IV violations in the new enforcement structure). No additional sanctions were added to the any of the self-imposed penalties.

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