Bay Path College Athletic Scholarships

Bay Path College, founded in 1897, is a women’s college located in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. There are also campuses in Sturbridge and Burlington. There are over 2,300 students enrolled in Bay Path College, with an average class size of only 17 students. The college has 30 undergraduate programs of study all of which focus on practical application of what is learned in the classroom. Degrees offered at Bay Path College include Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science, and Master of Occupational Therapy. While the undergraduate programs are all-female, the graduate programs are also open to male students.

Athletics Department at Bay Path College

The athletics department at Bay Path College offers varsity and club sports to female student-athletes. The athletics department has high standards for its student-athletes, and all who participate in varsity sports must be a full-time student and be making good progress towards earning a bachelor’s degree with a minimal cumulative GPA of 2.0.

All varsity sports teams have practice and games in athletic facilities and fields that are located off campus. Athletic facilities include the Blinn Tennis Courts, the Holyoke Community College Bartley Center Gymnasium for basketball and volleyball, and the Ryan Field for field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and softball.

Athletics Programs at Bay Path College

Bay Path College offers the following varsity sports: basketball, field hockey, cross country, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, soccer, and volleyball. The teams are all-female. Club sports include indoor track and ultimate Frisbee. There are no intramural sports offered at Bay Path College.

Official Sports Team: Wildcats

The Bay Path Wildcats are members of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division III and participate in the New England Collegiate Conference. The Wildcats are dedicated student-athletes who continue to strive for both academic and athletic excellence.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bay Path College

Bay Path College offers scholarships for traditional undergraduate students who are either incoming freshmen or transfer students. Scholarship programs at Bay Path College are comprehensive packages that make post-secondary education affordable for many students. Over 95% of full-time undergraduate students who qualify for financial aid receive some kind of assistance, scholarships included. For full-time first-year student living on campus an average of $30,000 in financial aid was awarded. Although this figure does not represent scholarship money only, scholarship awards are a large part of all financial aid packages. Scholarships at Bay Path College are made possible by tuition revenue, gifts, as well as alumni donations.

Merit Scholarships for freshmen are automatically awarded to students who have completed the application process. Awards include the 1987 Founders Scholarship ($12,000 or $15,000), the Provost’s Scholarship ($11,000 or $15,000), the Dean’s Scholarship ($10,000 or $14,000), the Seize the Day Award ($8,000 or $10,000), the Pathways Award ($5,000). Merit scholarships for transfer students include the Academic Excellence Scholarship ($9,000 or $12,000), the Presidential Achievement Scholarship ($8,000 or $11,000), the Distinguished Scholars Award ($7,000 or $10,000) and the Success Award ($5,000 or $8,000). Scholarships of higher value are awarded to students who live on campus. There are also an additional 4 scholarships ranging in value from $1,000 to $2,500 for transfer students and honor students. Bay Path College also offers grants for certain master’s degree programs, valued at $10,000 for continuing students and $7,500 for transfer students.

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