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Arkansas Pitcher Suspended Six Games for High School Contact

The Associated Press has a report that Arkansas sophomore pitcher Trey Killian will be suspended for the first six games due to a violation that occurred while he was in high school:

The school released a statement Wednesday saying Trey Killian would sit out the first six games of the season due to something that occurred before he attended Arkansas. The school blamed an “impermissible interaction” while he was in high school, but did not provide details.

If the impermissible interaction refers to illegal recruiting contact, it would have to be more than a standard recruiting violation. While some recruiting violations outside of extra benefits require the student-athlete to be reinstated, the athlete is normally reinstated without any conditions. But the student-athlete reinstatement guidelines include the possibility of withholding athletes:

The committee determined that if a significant recruiting advantage is gained (even if it does not rise to the level to warrant the student-athlete’s eligibility not be reinstated), the student-athlete reinstatement staff or committee may impose a withholding condition to address the recruiting advantage gained.

Six games would be a standard 10% withholding in baseball. It is hard to imagine a larger suspension (20 or 30%) for a recruiting contact violation that did not rise to the level of a major (Level I/Level II) violation for the coach and/or institution.

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