Berkeley College – New York Athletic Scholarships

Berkeley College has a total of four campuses in the State of New York. Because of this, they are able to cover the needs of the community in acquiring a college education. They offer many programs that will lead to a bachelor’s degree and a pre-professional degree. Their courses include: Health Sciences, Graphic Design, Accounting, Fashion and Marketing Management, General Business, Health Service Management, Medical Assistant, Practical Nursing, Information Technology Management, International Business, Justice Studies, Health Services Administration and many more.

Athletics Department of Berkeley College – New York

The athletics department of Berkeley College is determined to make sure that their student-athletes maintain their good standings in the classroom while they are developing their talents in athletics. The college has decided not to offer athletic scholarships in order for them to instill in their players that while their participation in college sports is important, their education should and will always be the number one priority. The coaches work with their academic professors to monitor how they are doing with their programs and for them to quickly address issues that are brought about by taking part in athletic training and traveling to compete with other schools.

Athletic Programs of Berkeley College – New York

The sponsored athletic programs of the Berkeley College are: men’s basketball, men’s soccer, men’s cross country, women’s basketball, women’s soccer and women’s cross country. With these, they are able to train their student athletes the skills they need to succeed in athletics. At this time, they have no desire to add more to their list and would like to focus on making a name in intercollegiate sports. On top of these, they also offer other activities outside the varsity level. With intramural sports, they are able to engage the other members of the student population and promote camaraderie among the faculty and their learners and create a fun experience for everyone.

Official Sports Team: Knights

The sports team of the Berkeley College in New York are also called the Knights just like their counterparts in the New Jersey campuses. They are known for their dedication in the field of academic and their ability to balance their time between their athletic training and their education. With their efforts, many of them are able showcase their talents in and out of the field of play.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Berkeley College – New York

The Berkeley College is keen in recognizing the efforts that their students put into their academic studies by awarding them with scholarships and grants that will help them in settling their school fees, tuition and other expenses. To date, they have a total of 19 types of awards, which are available to both incoming and returning students. In addition, the college also provides assistance in entering a financial aid program, a student loan program and work study program. The amount of the coverage is dependent on what is being offered on each endowment. Learners have the option to combine their grants to other aids for as long as it will total to the cost of their college expenses.

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