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A Quick Guide to Evaluating Sports Camps

One of the most common questions we get here is, “How do I figure out which camps I should go to?” There is no quick answer to this question because it really depends on what kind of camp someone is looking for. Here, we give you some instructions on how to select the best camp for you, as well as discuss a few common types of camps.

Don’t Just Sign up For Camps, Follow These Steps First

At summer camps, coaches only scout athletes they already know; they do not scout new talent at camps. You must build relationships with the schools you want to be recruited by before attending camps.

• Research the schools you want to play for. Be realistic about which division level is the right fit for you. Attending camps held at schools above your ability level will not help you. It will only cost you valuable time and money.

 Put together a resume that highlights your academic and athletic abilities.

• Find the coaches’ contact information online, either on individual college athletic pages or by creating an account on our free recruiting database.

 Reach out to coaches at the schools you are interested in. Send them your resume and start to make a connection with them. Building a relationship will only help you get scouted and recruited.

• Ask them what camps and showcases they will be attending in the summer. Don’t listen to websites and camps that tell you the coaches that were there last year; it only matters what coaches will be there this year.

• Stay in contact with coaches by updating them on your progress. Make sure to reach out to them as the camp is approaching to ensure they will be scouting you.

Make Sure You Know what Kind of Camp You Are Attending

College Camps – These camps are held by college coaches and provide athletes an opportunity to play in front of the coaches they want to get recruited by. This is the type of camp that most high school athletes who are looking for a scholarship want to attend because it puts them directly in front of scouts.

High School Skills Camps – These camps are run by high school coaches and their staff. They are good for younger athletes (sixth through ninth graders). These camps teach athletes the skills that will help them improve as an athlete. They usually will not help athletes get recruited.

Showcase Tournaments – These events are held by a third party, such as Nike or Adidas. These camps draw more scouts from a wide array of colleges; however, they are very difficult to get noticed at showcases. You will definitely have to follow the steps above to introduce yourself to coaches.

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