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Contacting College Coaches: Add Academic Information to Your Resume

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Knowing what academic information you want to include on your resume is a big part of creating a resume that coaches like to read. Many athletes believe that just because they are good at their sport, their academic profile does not matter. This is not true. The NCAA is more focused than ever on increasing academic requirements and raising graduation rates, which translates into coaches being more focused on the academic profile of an athlete.

Coaches Want to Know Your Grades

In the “How to Write an Introduction” article, I discussed the need to talk about your academic achievements in the introduction of your resume. Coaches are not only interested in what you can do for them athletically, but they also want to know what kind of student you are. Having good grades and hitting the books hard show a coach that you are a hard worker. Most athletes love to play their sport; fewer enjoy studying. It’s one thing to put in extra hours in the gym; it’s another to do it in the library. Putting in the time to study will not only help you with admissions; it will also show coaches you are mature enough to handle the rigorous academic and athletic workload that comes with being a collegiate student athlete.

On your resume, you will want to include a section under your cover letter with academic-specific information. You will need your high school name and phone number, cumulative GPA, desired major (if you have one), and SAT and/or ACT score. If you have already started the NCAA Eligibility Center registration process, this is a good place for you to put your eligibility center number. It’s also a good idea to list any honors or AP classes you have taken.

You Need to Fit a Schools Academic Needs, Not Just Their Athletic Needs

By clearly summarizing your academic information in your resume, it allows coaches to easily figure out if you are a good academic fit for their program. There is a lot more that goes into the decision, but by clearly stating this information in your initial contact with coaches, they can begin evaluating your academic profile.

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