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Academic standards of high school athletes

All boards of education statewide have a responsibility to their student bodies to protect their high school athletes. Many of the issues that have plagued college-level athletes, including dubious coaches and extravagant gifts given to players, are practices that are now encroaching upon the high school athlete.

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In a report from the American College of Sports Medicine, nearly 775,000 adolescent kids under the age of 14 are treated in emergency rooms for sports-related injuries all across the United States each year. At least half of all of those injuries that were reported could have been prevented. Many of the coaches responsible for the safety of our kids do not have any type of sports-related training.


The environment in which kids are exposed to sports can vary from urban to rural settings. According to the results of two different studies that were presented at the American Psychological Association’s (APA) 109th Annual Convention, the healthier the atmosphere, the better the chance a student may not engage in negative behavior, including such things as using marijuana or drugs and alcohol. This study was conducted on a group of urban youths who had positive influences and some type of involvement in organized sports.

On the other hand, a rural study that involved 4,000 children who were female African American students (grades 9–12) had concluded that sports participation may actually have a negative influence on their behavior and could lead to an increase in delinquent behavior over time.


Today there are more than 40 million people who enjoy and participate in the sport of softball. This figure includes athletes of different age levels and different levels of health and well-being. Since the sport has a very low incident rate of sport-related injuries, it enjoys an appeal that may just outshine America’s favorite pastime of baseball.

Today’s teacher has a huge amount of responsibility, which includes more than just the usual repetition of teaching a student the same curriculum year after year. Today’s teachers are expected to be able to react to problems that are happening in today’s classroom. One of those problems has to do with a growing Hispanic population and the obvious language barrier that this has created.

In order to help with these challenges, there has to be some innovations on the part of teachers to address the issue, such as the use of modern technology to engage the student.

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