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What other scholarships are available?

Thousands of high school student-athletes hope they will find an athletic scholarship that will allow them to compete in their favorite sport in college. Receiving an athletic scholarship is a great opportunity and those who are able to earn one should be grateful.

But not every student-athlete is able to earn an athletic scholarship, especially since there are some programs like Ivy League and Division 3 schools who don ‘t offer them. For those who don’t, there are other scholarships available to help them afford college. First there are academic scholarships that student-athletes can earn if their grades and test scores qualify. Each school has their own requirements for academic scholarships, so you should ask the coach whether you might qualify for one.

There are other scholarships available to student athletes with wide-ranging interests and challenging financial circumstances. In order to find one you might qualify for, you need to do some research and get familiar with what is available. You can also talk to your high school guidance counselor and get some ideas on what you might be eligible for.

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