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What is a quiet period?

A quiet period occurs when a coach at an NCAA institution cannot have any in-person contact with a prospective student-athlete or their parents outside of the colleges campus. Coaches can’t go to see any of the athlete’s sporting events or their practices. Athletes are allowed to visit college campuses and meet with a coach. Coaches can write or talk to student-athletes on the phone as well.

The NCAA quiet period varies from sport to sport. It’s important to know when the quiet period is for your sport. You can visit the NCAA’s recruiting calendar for your sport. Take a good look at the recruiting calendars because you should know when all contact, evaluation, dead, and quiet periods are for your sport.

NAIA schools do not have specific contact rules like the NCAA. Instead, potential NAIA athletes can be contacted at any time; however, it is common for coaches to wait until athletes’ junior and senior years to reach out to them. You should not wait for coaches to contact you. Being proactive and contacting coaches earlier in your athletic career can help you find the best opportunity to continue your athletic and academic career at the collegiate level.

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