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What is the NJCAA?

The National Junior College Athletic Association is the organization that facilitates the sports and athletes at the Junior College/Community College level. The NJCAA is comprised of 525 schools in 24 regions in the United States, and has three division levels: I, II, and III. Similar to the NCAA and NAIA, the NJCAA was organized to supervise collegiate sports at its member schools.

Many high school athletes are not familiar with the NJCAA since it gets over shadowed by the larger groups NCAA and NAIA. But junior colleges and community colleges offer high school students great opportunities. In addition to being able to go to school and earn a more affordable associates degree, students can also participate in collegiate sports and find transfer opportunities at larger schools when they are ready. If you think that Junior College or Community College might be a good option for you, check out some local schools in your area.

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