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What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

The NCAA Eligibility Center (formally known as the NCAA Clearinghouse) is the eligibility arm of the governing body that oversees the eligibility process for incoming collegiate student-athletes. The NCAA Eligibility Center works to ensure that athletes who compete in sports in college all meet the minimum academic and athletic requirements needed. The NCAA Eligibility Center enforces rules regarding a student’s eligibility including academic requirements and amateurism rules.

When an athlete registers for the NCAA Eligibility Center, they will be required to provide information regarding their academics and their athletics, and also supply the Eligibility Center with official documents. It costs $65 for students in the U.S. and $95 for international students. Your profile will be added to their system, and a college coach must request it to be added to the IRL (Institutional Request List) in order for it to be processed. Once an athlete is cleared, they are eligible to compete at an NCAA school.

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