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What is the minimum ACT to be eligible?

In the NCAA, the requirements for the ACT scores vary from Division I and Division 2. In Division I, the NCAA uses a sliding scale to match test scores and core GPAs. The sliding scale can be found in the NCAA’s Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete.

In Division 2, the NCAA requires a minimum ACT sum score of 68 to be eligible to participate in collegiate sports. The ACT score required is the sum of the English, math, reading, and science sections. In order to make sure that the Eligibility Center receives your test scores after the test, use the test code 9999 and it will be sent to them directly.

In the NAIA, the minimum requirement for the ACT is a score of 18.

Students need to understand that meeting these minimum test requirements does not guarantee admission into colleges. While you may have met the test score requirements, there are academic and other requirements you need to meet in addition to the test scores. These requirements vary by school so make sure to do your research when applying.

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