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What is the Amateurism Certificate?

In order to compete in collegiate sports, athletes need to get cleared with an Amateurism Certificate through the Eligibility Center. The Amateurism certificate confirms that you have maintained an amateur status through your athletic experience and before you enter collegiate sports.

The NCAA wants to ensure that all athletes who compete in college have an amateur status so they can regulate the level of play at member schools. Here are some of the selected amateurism rules that the NCAA Amateurism Certificate clears:

– Contracts with a professional team
– Salary for Participating in athletics
– Play with professionals
– Benefits from an agent or prospective agent
– Organized competition rule
– Prize money above actual and necessary expenses
– Tryouts, practice, or competition with a professional team

In order to make sure that all prospective athletes clear these rules, you might have to provide specific details regarding your athletics experience and any competition that involved professional athletes. To make sure you get cleared as an amateur, follow the above rules and get familiar with the Amateurism Certification Process.

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