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What is my class rank?

Class rank is a measure of where you fit academically with the rest of your high school classmates. Your GPA is set against your classmates to determine where you fall on a scale compared to everyone else. The measurement usually takes into account the level of difficulty of the courses and then the grade earned in the class. That compiled GPA is then ranked against other students, so the higher the GPA, the higher a students’ rank will be.

While class rank isn’t used as widely as it used to be, the NAIA still uses it as part of their eligibility requirements. To be eligible for the NAIA, you need to be in the top half of your high school class. This means your class rank must be higher than at least half of the other students in your class. So if your goal is to play for an NAIA school, it will important to work hard to earn as high a GPA as possible.

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