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What is a verbal scholarship offer?

When a college coach offers a scholarship to a potential student-athlete verbally, this is considered a verbal scholarship offer. Verbal scholarships are not binding, but more of an agreement that the student-athlete will attend their school and sign an NLI.

A verbal scholarship offer is not a binding agreement. At any time, a student-athlete or a coach can back out of a verbal agreement if they choose too. The verbal scholarship offer is made by the coach and not the athletic department, so it is not an official agreement until financial aid papers and the contract has been drawn up.

Getting a verbal scholarship offer from a college coach is an exciting event in the recruiting process. There are two things a student-athlete can do when a verbal scholarship is offered to them. First, they can graciously accept the offer and move forward in making arrangements with the coach. Or, they can ask the coach for more time in making their decision.

College coaches understand that making this decision is a big deal, and many athletes might need some time to talk to their parents or wait to hear from other schools. If a coach allows you some time to think about it, honor their offer and make sure you get back to them by the deadline.

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