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What if I took the GED?

The GED, or General Education Development test only satisfies the high school graduation requirement in certain circumstances. That means not all students who take the GED can use it to fulfill the high school graduation standard required by the NCAA Eligibility Center. This is because it demonstrates the general knowledge learned to graduate high school, but it doesn’t satisfy the core course GPA or test-score requirements that all prospective student athletes need.

The NCAA Eligibility Center requires all athletes to complete the core course requirements and the test-score standards in order for them to be cleared to compete in college. Being a high school graduate confirms that you have taken the courses required by your high school to graduate. If you take the GED, you don’t satisfy the same requirements graduates do. This can complicate your eligibility process.

If you take the GED, you will need to contact the NCAA for more information about GED submission.

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