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What happens if I change my mind on an NLI?

When you sign the NLI with an institution, you are committing yourself to at least one year at that school in exchange for scholarship aid. Once you have signed an NLI with a school, you are no longer able to be recruited by other coaches.

If you change your mind about the NLI you have signed, you are allowed to ask for a release from the NLI. However, there could be penalties incurred when asking for a release:

If you decide to attend a different NLI school you will lose one year of competition in any or all sports and must serve one year in residence at your next NLI institution. If you don’t attend another NLI school there is no penalty.

The school you signed your NLI with has full authority to decide to grant you your release. If there are extenuating circumstances regarding your decision to back out of an NLI, you may bring it to an appeals committee, who will determine if a penalty should be waived for a student. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis and the final decision is made by this committee.

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