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What if I am not cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse?

Not all student-athletes get cleared for initial eligibility through the NCAA Eligibility Center. There are numerous reasons for not being cleared, including violating an amateurism rule or not meeting the academic requirements.

When you register for the NCAA Eligibility Center, your academic and athletic history is reviewed. You are cleared based on this information and on the official documents that you’re required to send to them.

If you’re not cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center, you might be able to appeal the decision. In that case, your profile is re-opened and the reason for your rejection is examined. Once the administrator makes the final decision, it’s final.

If you find yourself ineligible, you still have several options to find an opportunity to compete in college. While you may not have met the NCAA requirements, you might meet the NAIA qualifications. There are hundreds of NAIA schools who are looking for athletes to be on their teams. You can also consider looking at a community college and working to improve your grades or athletic abilities, and then transferring after you’ve earned your Associate’s degree.

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