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What are the Junior College eligibility requirements?

Students looking to transfer from Junior College have to meet different requirements than those coming in directly from high school. These students have transferable college credits to take with them to another university, so they need to make sure that they’ve taken the correct courses and meet the admission requirements in order to transfer. Junior college students also need to get cleared through the eligibility center, just like high school students.

It is important for Junior College transfers to understand the process before they proceed. It’s a good idea to talk to an advisor at your school and get as much information as you can about transferring as a student-athlete. Depending on how long you have been at the Junior College and how many credits you have completed, your ability to compete/practice at your new school might be affected. You also need to make sure that your completed coursework will transfer directly to the school that you want to transfer to. Otherwise, you may find yourself behind in your Academic Progress Rate for graduation, which could affect your eligibility.

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