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What are the athletic scholarship requirements?

To earn an athletic scholarship, there are several things that college coaches are looking for. They want to recruit student-athletes who are dedicated, team-oriented, strong, and successful. But of course, college coaches will also want to recruit high school athletes with great physical attributes and mastered athletic skills.

The athletic scholarship requirements vary with each institution and with each sport. College coaches all have their own guidelines and stats to sift through the hundreds of recruits who contact them with interest in their program.

To get a good idea of what level you might be able to compete at in college, there are several things you can do. You can talk to your high school or club coaches about your skill level and where they might see you playing in college.

You can also go to a camp or combine and get input from other college coaches and professionals. To determine if you have what it takes to earn an athletic scholarship at a particular program, you need to contact that college coach directly. Send them your video and resume and start having a conversation with them regarding any opportunities they may have for you.

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