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What is a prospective student athlete?

A prospective student athlete, or PSA, is any high school athlete that is getting recruited by college coaches. The NCAA officially gives this term to athletes when they enter ninth grade. It also is used when a college gives any financial aid or other benefits to an athlete before a student’s ninth-grade year.

Coaches who are interested in an athlete and the athlete is interested in their school, they become a PSA by communicating openly with that coach. High school athletes can be considered PSAs to multiple coaches, since there might be many colleges interested in that athlete.

Coaches are recruiting dozens of PSAs concurrently, so it is important to start contacting coaches early and establishing relationships with them as soon as you can. Send them your information and recruiting video, and start garnering interest from multiple schools. You have to work hard to gain an advantage over other PSAs so you need to be willing to work hard!

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