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What is the NCAA Guide for the College Athlete?

The NCAA publishes an annual guide for high school student-athletes who are interested in pursuing sports in college. The guide focuses on what you need to become eligible at an NCAA school, including academic requirements and resources you can use to become eligible. The NCAA writes this guide for athlete, parents/guardians, and for high school administrators.

The Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete outlines the requirements to become eligible in the NCAA. The NCAA wants to make the eligibility process as easy as possible and has made this guide available to you to help answer questions. It is here to assist you in the initial eligibility process and to help you prepare for collegiate athletics.

The guide covers the academic requirements for each student-athlete, including core courses, GPA, test scores, and special conditions. The guide also covers the amateurism rules, registering for the NCAA Eligibility Center, financial aid opportunities, recruiting information, and provides checklists and steps you need to take in order to become eligible.

You can access the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student-Athlete here.

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