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What is a DII Partial Qualifier?

A student is considered a Division II partial qualifier when you do not meet all of the academic requirements needed to be eligible at the NCAA DII level, but has graduated from high school and meets one of the following:

1) A combined SAT score of 820 or ACT sum score of 68; or
2) Completed the 14 core course requirements with at least a 2.0 GPA.

When a student is a Division II partial qualifier they are allowed to:

  • Practice with the team at their home facility during their first year
  • Can receive athletic scholarship money during their first year
  • Can play four seasons of their sport if they maintain their eligibility
  • But they cannot compete during their first year.

As a DII partial qualifier you are a part of the team and train and practice with the coach and other team members, you just aren’t allowed to compete. Once you maintain your eligibility and work through that first year, you will be able to compete the following year.

For complete instructions on the NCAA requirements download the NCAA Guide For The College Bound Student Athlete

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