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If I sign an NLI can I still play for a non-NLI school?

Yes, you can sign an NLI with one school, and then go play for another if they ‘re not part of the NLI program.

When you sign an NLI, you are committing yourself to that school for at least one school year. In exchange, you’re being awarded financial aid in the form of an athletic or academic scholarship. Once a high school athlete signs an NLI, the recruiting process ends for them. No other college coaches can continue to recruit them after they have signed an NLI with another school.

With that being said, it’s important to make sure that you’re comfortable with the decision that you ‘re making; if you do sign an NLI with one school, you can make the choice to play on a team at another college as long as that school is a non-NLI program.

Remember, if you later transfer to an NLI-participating program, the NLI penalties will follow you there and will be applied.

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