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What happens if I don’t meet the core course requirements?

Then NCAA Eligibility Center requires that high school athletes complete a list of core courses in order to become academically eligible to compete in college. There are 16 core courses required for Division I and 14 core courses required for Division II (after August 1, 2013, Division II institutions will increase the core courses to 16). Division III schools set their own admission standards and do not require registration with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

If you do not meet the core course requirements when you register, you will be ineligible until you complete them. It is important to know which courses you need to take as early as freshman year, so that you can organize your schedule for the next four years. You are also required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in this group of core courses so make sure you do what you need to in order to ensure your eligibility.

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