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How long does it take to get cleared by the NCAA or NAIA?

If you want to compete in collegiate athletics, you need to be cleared by either the NCAA or NAIA Eligibility Center. These organizations manage the student athletes who participate in college sports and they need to clear you before you’re eligible to play at college. In order to get cleared, you need to go to their websites: for the NCAA that’s here, and for the NAIA it’s

Student athletes who are looking to get cleared by either Eligibility Center need to register, supply the necessary documents, and stay eligible before they compete in college. The process can take up to 6 months, so make sure to register early to allow enough time to get cleared before your first competition. The NCAA and NAIA have different requirements so know for sure which one you need to register for. The NCAA also implements the Institutional Request List.

College coaches need to request an athlete’s profile be moved to that list in order to be completely cleared.

When that happens, the amount of time it takes to get cleared can vary.

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