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How do I submit my documents to the NAIA Eligibility Center?

Every athlete who wants to compete at an NAIA university will need to register and get cleared by the NAIA Eligibility Center. When you register with the NAIA you will need to send an official copy of your transcripts and SAT or ACT scores. In addition to those documents, you might need to send additional documents to verify questions about your academics, amateurism or send your TOEFL.

Sending your official final high school transcripts

You need to have your high school councilor send your final official copy of your high school transcripts. These transcripts need to include verification of your high school graduation, GPA and class rank. Have your councilor send the official transcripts to this address:

NAIA Eligibility Center

Box 15340

Kansas  City, MO 64106

Sending official copies of your SAT or ACT test scores

When you send the NAIA a copy of your SAT or ACT they need to be official copies sent directly from the testing center. The easiest way to do this is to identify the NAIA as an organization that you want to receive your test scores. You do this by entering the University code 9876 in the list of universities to send your test results to. If you have already taken the SAT or ACT and need to send your test results, you will need to login to your account with the testing agency and have them send your test scores. Here is the website for the SAT and the website for the ACT.

Sending additional documents to the NAIA Eligibility Center

If you are being asked to send additional documents to the NAIA you will want to use the address listed above for transcripts. Additional documents you might be asked to send will include course work related to disputed classes, documents verifying your amateurism or your TOEFL iTD score.

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