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How do I get my NAIA amateur status back?

The NAIA can take away your amateur status if you become a professional in a particular sport. There are four conditions an athlete must satisfy to get their amateur status back.

  1. Discontinue violation of NAIA amateur-standing regulations.
  2. You will be charged a season of competition for every year you competed at a professional level. The NAIA gives you four seasons of competition for the first 10 semesters or 15 quarters you are enrolled in college.
  3. Attending two consecutive semester, or three consecutive quarters, at an institution prior to being a part of an athletic team.
  4. Finally, an athlete must submit verification to the NAIA National Coordinating Committee proving they have completed the three previous requirements to restore their amateur status.

Satisfying the above four requirements will allow you to gain your amateur status back. However, you may be penalized one or more seasons of competition because of your amateurism violation. Remember that in the NAIA you can only be deemed professional on a sport by sport basis. For example, if you are considered a professional in basketball, you would still be allowed to compete as an amateur in all other NAIA sanctioned sports.

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