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How do I get cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center?

The process of getting cleared by the NCAA requires steps that need to be completed by you, your high school councilor, the SAT or ACT testing organization and the university recruiting you. There are a couple important things to remember about getting cleared by the NCAA. First, registering for and getting cleared by the NCAA does not get you recruited. It only determines your eligibility once coaches are prepared to offer you a scholarship. Second, you will not be officially cleared by the NCAA until your final transcripts are sent by your high school after you graduate.

Every year nearly 100,000 athletes who register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and never have their final eligibility status evaluated because their information was never requested by a college coach. This means before you register with the NCAA and begin the process of determining your eligibility you need to make sure you are getting recruited by an NCAA DI or DII coach. You should be getting recruited before you are registering with the NCAA.

If you are ready to register with the NCAA, here are the steps you need to complete in order to work towards getting cleared.

  • At the beginning or middle of your Junior year, create your account with the NCAA at  and complete the initial questions.
  • At the end of your Junior year have your high school send official transcripts by email or electronically through there connection with the NCAA.
  • Have your SAT or ACT test scores sent to the NCAA by entering the correct code when taking the test or going to the testing agency website and having them sent once you get the results.
  • After each semester or quarter of your senior year have your high school resend your transcripts to the NCAA.
  • At the end of your senior year you need to have your final transcripts sent as soon as possible to avoid getting put behind the crush of student athletes registering.

Here are the things that need to be done by other organizations in order to make sure you get cleared. If you do not complete these steps, you will not get cleared.

  • Your high school councilor is responsible for getting your official transcripts sent to the NCAA. This can happen by sending them through the mail or by sending them electronically. You are not able to send transcripts on your own.
  • The SAT or ACT testing agency will need to send your test scores directly to the NCAA.
  • You need to make sure you are being recruited by an NCAA DI or DII school and they request your information be processed by adding you to an Institutional Request List (IRL). If you are not being recruited or your information is not requested by a university via an IRL you will never be cleared by the NCAA.

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