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How do I fulfill the NLI?

The NLI is a written agreement between you and the college where you plan to enroll . It ‘s a binding contract requiring you to attend that school for at least one year. In exchange, the school is required to supply you with a specified amount of financial aid and an athletic or academic scholarship for that school year. By signing the NLI, you commit yourself to that school and are no longer available to be recruited by other coaches.

In order to fulfill the NLI you’ve signed you need to adhere to the rules and restrictions outlined in the agreement and in the accompanying financial aid award letter.

In addition to the rules that the NLI and the NCAA specify, you must also fulfill the complete year enrolled in that institution. If you break any of these rules or somehow become ineligible to compete, your NLI becomes null and void and the school is no longer required to provide your financial aid. It ‘s very important that you take time to read and understand everything you are signing before you actually sign it.

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